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Tai Chi ~ Qigong

Qi-gong (pronounced chee-gung), which means energy cultivation, is a gentle form of exercise that reduces stress, supports health, and promotes awareness in activity.

The aim is to cultivate stability, clarity, and flexibility in body, emotions, and mind. These practices are suitable for beginning and experienced practitioners from any tradition, in any physical condition.

When you come to a class:

* Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing.

* Don't eat a heavy meal before class.

* Let me know if you are pregnant, or dealing with injuries or illness.

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"I want to help people to make the impossible more possible, the possible more pleasant, and the pleasant more elegant."

~ Moshe Feldenkrais

"To administer medicines to diseases which have already developed and thereby suppress bodily chaos which has already occurred is comparable to the behavior of those who would begin to dig a well after they have grown thirsty, or those who would begin to cast weapons after they have engaged in battle. Would these actions not be too late?"

~ from the Yellow Emperor's Inner Medicine Classic, 500 B.C.


Health benefits of daily qigong:

Besides increased flexibility, stretching, healthy breathing, and hormonal balance, long-term qigong practice supports many health benefits, including:

Arthritis: reduces pain and physical functioning

Asthma: enhances blood circulation, oxygen distribution and relaxes bronchi

Balance: improves sense of balance, muscle strength, and flexibility

Blood sugar: improves indicators of metabolic syndrome and glycemic control

Blood pressure: lowers high blood pressure

Bone density: improves bone density for post-menopausal women

Breast cancer: aerobic capacity, muscular strength, and flexibility

Cancer: improves immunity, blood circulation, metabolism, respiration, and cardiovascular

Cardiovascular: lowers blood pressure, increases aerobic capacity

Cerebral arteriosclerosis: improves blood flow to the brain

Endocrine gland functions improved

Fibromyalgia: reduces pain, fatigue, and other symptoms

Heart disease: improves blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides, and insulin

Hormones: improves balance

Hypertension: lowers blood pressure, improves serum levels

Immune system: increases T-cell production

Pain: raises pain threshold and response

Parkinson's disease: improves balance

Sleep: improves the quality and duration

Stroke: fewer strokes for those who practice qigong daily; improves balance after a stroke

Some medical studies are cited at the Qigong Institute webpage here.

See also the excellent book Harvard Medical School Guide to Tai Chi.


individual coaching
also available

I practice and teach:

Eight Pieces of Silk Brocade video

Shibashi (18 movements) video

Tai Chi Moving for Better Balance

Standing Like a Tree (zhan zhuang)

Swimming Dragon

Whole Body Breathing


I've explored tai chi and qigong with Tao Ping-Siang, Richard Aries, and the Five Willow Tai Chi Society, learned the eight pieces of brocade and an internal neigong practice from Ken McLeod, Tai Chi for Better Balance from Suman Barkhas, and shibashi from Franz Moeckl. What I practice and teach has been influenced by what I've learned from Jeff Bickford (Feldenkrais) and Gail Gustafson (movement analysis).

Rather than follow a particular lineage or strict form, my intention is to help people move with awareness to promote health, flexibility and balance, and to cultivate body awareness in meditation and in daily life.


connect soft feet & firm ground

let weight go ~
be supported by the ground

legs rooting down ~
head floating up

connect two hands, two feet,
top of head, belly

moving begins in belly & feet

spine from crown to tailbone ~
relaxing, curving, flexing

joints open, easy, swinging

gently mix together
breathing & moving

breathing whole body ~
belly, spine, limbs

filling & emptying soft belly

exhaling fully, naturally

whole body breathing,
moving, attending

floating like a feather

flowing like water

less effort ~ more awareness