natural awareness

relaxed presence, unfabricated, flowing, just as it is


Longchenpa’s prayer of compassion


May the lives of ailing sentient beings be extended and made meaningful.

May those who are suffering from hunger or thirst obtain sustenance,

Those who are afflicted by external fears become fearless,

And everything that beings desire be granted exactly as they wish.


May all sentient beings do good and swiftly attain enlightenment.

May those in power rule with justice,

Governments be of service and ministers be endowed with wholesome qualities,

And the public remain in peace at all times.


May all sentient beings be free from all possible forms of suffering.

May they attain liberation,

Their minds free of unwholesome states,

And their time devoted to realizing their true nature.


May there be bountiful harvests in all the lands.

May there be no sickness or any threat to life,

No conflict between self and others,

And peace and prosperity everywhere.


May limitless sentient beings in the ten directions be free from suffering.

May whatever they put their mind to bear fruit,

And may they attain bliss

As a result of the merit accumulated from this prayer.


From Longchenpa’s autocommentary to his root text Kindly Bent To Ease Us.
English translation by Traleg Kyabgon, in: Mind At Ease, p. 89-90.