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Meditation classes can be helpful and practice groups can be supportive, but ultimately your spiritual work is your own.

There are many different methods of meditation, and they lead to different results. Working one-on-one with a teacher can provide practical training, perspective, challenge and encouragement.

Working together we could focus on one or more areas such as:

  • clarifying your intentions and choosing a path of practice
  • acquiring specific meditation tools and skills
  • deepening your motivation to make changes in your life
  • working with reactivity in your daily life

I offer private instruction and consultation on an occasional or regular basis, depending on your needs. By working together, we would agree that:

  • You undertake meditation practice on your own initiative. The effectiveness of these practices depends on many factors including your diligence, a supporting lifestyle, and your willingness to make the changes you want in your life. You are responsible for the practices you undertake, and you receive the results of those practices.
  • The meditation practices I teach often include gentle movement exercises to cultivate awareness and balance energy in the body. Effects may vary and you are responsible for bringing any concerns to my attention.
  • I provide instruction and coaching in meditation practices that I have found useful. I’m not a doctor, therapist, or counselor. I do not provide medical treatment or mental health services.
  • I hold interviews and other communications confidential except as required by law, or where in my judgement intervention may prevent a serious threat to health or safety.
  • My services are not offered through any public or private agency, institution, or organization, so I receive no compensation for my time other than donations freely offered. In our first meeting we can explore whether we would like to work together. For subsequent meetings, I appreciate donations. Many people donate in the range of $50 to $100 an hour, but it's up to you. I will not withhold instruction if you are unable to donate a certain level of money, and you will make your best effort to compensate me for my time.
  • This is a voluntary relationship for the benefit of your practice. If at any time during our interaction you have questions or concerns about any part of our agreement or any aspect of our interaction, hopefully you will seek to clarify and resolve those questions and concerns with me -- but ultimately this is your life, and your practice, and your decision.
  • Spiritual relationships are complex and powerful and need to be engaged within an ethical container. Please consider these ethical guidelines.


George Draffan

George Draffan is a Seattle-based practitioner and teacher of Buddhist meditation and Taoist energy practices.. more here...


A teacher can provide:

  • instruction in techniques
  • advice and perspective based on their own experience
  • support for a student’s efforts

 A teacher cannot:

  • save you
  • answer the most important questions
  • do the practice for you

 A student needs to:

  • be curious and ask questions
  • be willing to practice, and be open to results
  • make their own decisions about practice and life

More on the teacher-student relationship:

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Additional views on donations and compensation:

Three Ways of Looking at Paying for Spiritual Teachings by France Leeson

No Strings Attached: The Buddha’s Culture of Generosity by Thanissaro Bhikkhu

Explanation of dana from Cloud Mountain from Cloud Mountain Retreat Center

"On the one hand, the Dharma is precious, so it should be free. On the other hand, the Dharma is precious, so it [is] important... to support financially. Being explicit about the practice of generosity might clarify these conflicts."
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