natural awareness

relaxed presence, unfabricated, flowing, just as it is

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Dharmanet & its InfoWeb

Buddhist Channel

WWW list of electronic Newsletters & Journals

Buddhism - News, Dharma Library and Buddhist Forums

Directory of Retreat Centers (ExpandRetreat)

Other Contemplative Traditions

Meditation (Wikipedia)

Christian Meditation (Wikipedia)

Centering Prayer


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Buddhist Studies (BuddhaNet)

Buddhist Studies WWW Virtual Library

Manual of Buddhist Terms and Doctrines by Nyanatiloka Mahathera

Digital Library & Museum of Buddhist Studies (National Taiwan University)

Comparison of Buddhist Traditions (Berzin Archives)


The Sutras (NaturalAwareness webpage)

Chinese Mahayana Buddhism


Buddhist Text Translation Society

Pure Land Buddhism


Numata Center

Pure Land Buddhism WWW Virtual Library

Shin DharmaNet (Alfred Bloom)

Theravada Buddhism


Access to Insight

Buddhist Publication Society

emptyuniverse nikaya

Insight Meditation Society & Barre Center for Buddhist Studies


Vipassana Fellowship

Vipassana Meditation & Vipassana Research Institute (Goenka)

Tibetan Mahayana & Vajrayana Buddhism


Asian Classics Project

Berzin Archives

Dalai Lama

Himalayan Art Resources

Kagyu Office: Home of the Karmapa

Lotsawa House

Rangjung Yeshe Wiki

Shambhala International

Snow Lion Publications

Tibetan Studies WWW Virtual Library

Wisdom Publications

emptyuniverse has sections on prajnaparamita vijnaptimatrata tathagatagarbha sadhana

Zen Buddhism


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Zen Buddhism WWW Vitual Library

Zen/Ch’an Writings (Anders Honoré)