Natural Awareness

may all be safe, healthy, happy, & well
at ease in their body, at home in the world





awakened compassion

One Who Hears the Cries of the World

two hands holding wish-fulfilling gem

left hand holding lotus of purity

right hand holds prayer beads representing all beings




awakened wisdom

sword of discrimination

Perfection of Wisdom Sutra
on top of lotus




awakened power

flames of energy

thunderbolt and noose



White Tara

healing & longevity

serenity, grace, calm

right hand in boon-granting gesture

left hand in gesture of protection

7 eyes see all the suffering in the world



Green Tara

awakened activity

freedom from danger, fears & anxieties

right leg outstretched to spring
into action

blue lotuses = purity and power




boundless space treasury

awakened generosity

purifies transgressions

the infinite happiness generated by helping sentient beings




offerings, aspirations & vows

great cultivation & practice

Lotus Sutra & Avatamsaka Sutra




Earth Store = richness and fertility

known as Jizo in Japan

willing to enter hell to save beings

wish-granting jewel in left hand

staff to open gates of hell in right hand

staff has jingles on top to alert beings
so they arenít harmed

especially protects women and children



Sarva-nivarana Vishkambhin

Complete Remover of Obscurations

removes wrong-doings and obstacles








awakened love

the future Buddha to appear in the world

hands in gesture of teaching