natural awareness

relaxed presence, unfabricated, flowing, just as it is


Forty-One Prayers to Cultivate Awakening Mind

from the Pure Domain chapter of the Flower Ornament Scripture

May I lead all sentient beings to the citadel of liberation when entering a house.

May all sentient beings attain the dimension of reality of a buddha when going to sleep.

May all sentient beings realize the dream-like nature of things when dreaming.

May all beings awake from the sleep of ignorance when waking up.

May all beings attain the form dimensions of a buddha when getting up.

May all beings wear the robes of conscience and embarrassment when putting on clothes.

May all beings be secured by the root of virtue when putting on a belt.

May all beings reach the seat of enlightenment when sitting down.

May all beings reach the tree of enlightenment when leaning back.

May all beings exhaust the fuel of the passions when lighting a fire.

May all beings cause the fire of pristine awareness to blaze when making a fire blaze.

May all beings come to drink the nectar of pristine awareness when holding a cup.

May all beings attain the food of meditative concentration when eating.

May all beings escape from the prison of cyclic life when going outside.

May I plunge into cyclic life for the sake of all beings when going downstairs.

May I open the door of liberation for all beings when opening a door.

May I close the door to the lower forms of life for all beings when closing a door.

May all beings set out on the exalted path when setting out on a path.

May I lead all beings to the higher forms of life when going uphill.

May I sever the stream of the lower forms of life for all beings when going downhill.

May all beings meet the Buddha when meeting someone.

May I walk toward the welfare of all beings when placing the foot down.

May I lift all beings from out of cyclic existence when lifting the foot.

May all beings attain the ornaments of the major and minor marks of a buddha when meeting someone wearing ornaments.

May all beings be endowed with the twelve ascetic virtues when meeting someone without ornaments.

May all beings be filled with good qualities when seeing a filled container.

May all beings be without faults when seeing an empty container.

May all beings take joy in the teachings when seeing someone joyful.

May all beings be dissatisfied with composite phenomena when seeing someone sad.

May all beings win the bliss of a buddha when seeing someone happy.

May all beings’ anguish be alleviated when seeing someone suffering.

May all beings be free from illnesses when seeing someone sick.

May all beings repay the kindness of all buddhas and bodhisattvas when seeing someone repaying another’s kindness.

May all beings be unkind to wrong views when seeing someone not repaying kindness.

May all beings be competent when meeting those who challenge them when seeing a dispute.

May all beings praise the qualities of all Buddhas and bodhisattvas when seeing someone praise another.

May all beings attain the eloquence of a buddha when seeing someone discuss the teachings.

May all beings be unimpeded in seeing all the buddhas when seeing someone meet a representation of the buddha.

May all beings become monuments of enlightenment when seeing a stupa.

May all beings have the seven riches of an exalted being (faith, ethics, learning, liberality, conscience, embarrassment, discriminating awareness) when seeing someone engaged in business.

May the crown of the head of all beings be seen (as that of the Buddha) when seeing someone bowing.